Oral Conscious Dental Sedation – Phoenix, AZ

Helping to Ease Dental Fear and Anxiety

Woman relaxing after oral conscious sedation dentistry visit

Every time you step foot in Devoted Family Dental Phoenix, you can rest assured knowing that our team will welcome you in with open arms. It is extremely important to our doctors that every single patient feels genuinely comfortable throughout their care, which is why we offer oral conscious sedation as a helpful aid that can calm frazzled nerves and help relieve feelings of fear. If you would like to learn more about arranging to have oral conscious dental sedation in Phoenix, AZ at your next visit, please do not hesitate to contact our dental office.

Why Choose Devoted Family Dental Phoenix for Oral Conscious Dental Sedation?

  • Alleviates Moderate Levels of Dental Anxiety
  • Easily Administered Through a Pill
  • Dramatically Reduces Memory of Appointment

Why Am I Fearful of the Dentist?

Fearful patient afraid of dentist during dental treatment

If just thinking about a visit to the dentist makes you nervous, then you are in good company. The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation is an organization of dental professionals that are dedicated to providing patients with safe and relaxing care, and they estimate that 30% of American fail to see their dentist regularly because they are afraid. There are a variety of reasons why people have dental anxiety or fear, including:

  • Remembering a difficult visit to the dentist during childhood
  • Claustrophobia, which makes some people uncomfortable in the confines of the dentist’s examination chair
  • Sensitivity to the sights and sounds in the exam room, such as the sharp metal instruments and the dentist’s drill

How Does Oral Conscious Dental Sedation Work?

Man holding an oral conscious dental sedation pill

Oral conscious sedation is performed through the use of medication. Our doctors will provide you with the prescription you need and plenty of instructions regarding when to take it before your dental appointment. Once you start to experience the effects, you should feel deeply relaxed while remaining conscious enough to still answer any questions or respond to requests from our team. We do require that a trustworthy escort bring you both to and from our dental office. The patient will not be recovered enough to drive themselves home safely afterward.

What are the Benefits of Oral Conscious Dental Sedation?

Patient holding tow oral conscious dental sedation pills

When you arrive at Devoted Family Dental Phoenix you will be escorted to an examination room and comfortably settled into the chair. By this time, you should feel completely relaxed and ready to have your dental treatment.

With oral conscious sedation, we are able to schedule more than one procedure in a single visit. Sometimes, patients have no recollection of what happens during their care in our dental office and believe they have slept through everything. In truth, you remain awake and able to respond to our questions and instructions. At the end of your appointment, you are free to go, but we suggest you rest for the remainder of the day while the sedative wears off.

Now that you know you are not the only one who is nervous about seeing the dentist, there is no reason not to schedule an appointment. If you are worried that we might judge you for ignoring your oral health, you can relax about that as well. Our goal is to help you overcome your anxiety so you can have the dental care you need and enjoy a smile that is healthy and beautiful.